Fed the Fuck Up [16-06-2020]

Today for the first time since it all began, I cried.

I’d tried to be strong

I’d done as asked

Unplugged, recharged, tried to focus on anything else

But how do you unplug from life itself?

How can I redirect my focus from an epidemic that threatens to wipe out people that look like me

Where do I recharge when everything is hellbent on draining me?

Today I lost a sister at the hands of a man like the ones she’d been fighting for moments before

The same men who’ve lost their lives for the sin of existing

Over there, a lynching, over there a murder, over there rape, over there injustice, everywhere death.

I ask, what have we done? I have to ask because nothing else makes sense.

There must be some sin, some moment that started this all because we’re here now and everything is chaos.

Even as I pen this, I’m at a loss for where we go next.

The petitions have been signed, donations made, protests marched

And yet here we are, exactly where we began…

Sad, angry and fed the fuck up

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