A walk on the terrace

Just in case you couldn’t tell, I really love plants…flowers, shrubbery, trees. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m the daughter of a farmer or the fact that I grew up in a house surrounded by plants and trees of all kinds. I find peace anywhere with a view enveloped by green. Since I couldn’t give them patio this summer (because pandemic duhhh), I spent a lot of time on my apartment building terrace. I sometimes forget how beautiful it is but these shots are reminder.


What makes you crazy?

Define crazy.

Is it the semblance of a reality that does not exist

Or an awareness of facts unknown to the rest of the world

Are you really….Crazy?

Or rather, aren’t we all?

If only a little.

We imagine, we dream

And sometimes we wish what isn’t into existence

Because it gives us hope

Is it crazy to want something you could never have?

Or to weave a fantasy that’s much better than your reality?

Who draws the line between sanity and insanity?

Because from where I’m standing….we’re all crazy

Some just got better at hiding

The Great Outdoors

I hadn’t realized how much I loved being outdoors until the freedom to do so was threatened by the pandemic. Late Spring/Early Summer was usually the appointed time for experiencing obscure parts of Ontario with friends – a tradition I had come to look forward to. I took these during some of my walks in the early stages of the lockdown. You can always count on nature to brighten even the darkest of days


Insecurity is unavoidable.

No matter how hard you try,

There’s always someone out there.

Someone with a shine under which you are diminished.

But you know it’s more about you than it is about them.

So you must learn to love.

To understand, to cease to compare

Because God has given you a body, a heart, a soul worth loving.

He has given you, YOU.

Insecurity is unavoidable

But avoid it you must

Curiosity killed the wait

She’d waited so long for Mr Right – Mr sweep her off her feet.

The one that would be worth joining body and soul with.

But he never came.

She never for once thought that after so many years of waiting, she would let go so easily.

It had become a part of her, a piece of her that no one had shared – something to be treasured

Not because someone told her she should but because she wanted to.

And then it happened.

She found an uncomplicated situation, where she could give it away with nothing to be expected in return.

No ties, soul or otherwise. Just two bodies, meeting.

Pleasure for pleasure.

He loved another and she was fine with that.

In the end, it didn’t matter.

None of it mattered because it was a union of bodies and nothing more

She’d waited 25 years 7 months and two weeks and in the end, she felt nothing.

No regrets – okay maybe a little.

But mostly surprise at how little it had mattered.

Was she right to wait? Was she wrong to not have waited longer?