I’ve always been an avid reader. Growing up, it was bedtime stories, bible stories, Enid Blyton mystery books and romance novels. Lately I’ve been leaning towards fiction and non-fiction books that birth a wholistic view of real life experiences. I’ve decided to share my musings and thoughts on some of the books that have inspired me lately. There will definitely be spoilers, so please try to read them before checking out these posts 🙂

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If Beale Street could Talk

By James Baldwin This was my first James Baldwin read and I definitely plan on reading many more. If I didn’t already know of Baldwin, I would have been surprised to find that this was written by a man. He did such a good job telling the story from the woman’s perspective. “If any place…

Questions for ADA

By Ijeoma Umebinyuo Not to be dramatic but this book changed my view on poetry. I used to think that it had to be flowery or that there was a level of “deepness” required to enjoy it to its fullness but “Questions for Ada” showed me that it could also be simple and relatable. The…

Man’s Search for meaning

By Viktor E. Frankl I remember purchasing this book (when it was suggested at our book club) with no idea what to expect. I initially thought it would read like a textbook (and in a way, it did) but it was an extremely impactful read. Viktor E. Frankl (who died in 1997) tells of his…

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