For as long as I can remember, I’ve written. Diaries, stories, songs, poetry; any and every outlet. These days I pen using my phone but the feeling is the same. The outpouring of emotion on a page; expressing thoughts in words that would otherwise be left unsaid. Anger, joy, pain, sadness, grief, excitement – no boundaries. Like my emotions, the urge to write comes and goes in waves…leaving me vulnerable. It can be a lot but I hope you’ll ride the waves with me…

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Alágbádá Iná

Alágbádá Iná The one with the garment of fire Àṣẹ̀dá Ọ̀rún The one who created the heavens Ẹ̀rù jẹ̀jẹ̀ létí òkún The mighty one at the edge of the sea Ọba àwọn ọba King of kings Mo tẹríba fún ọ I bow to you Títí ayé ni mo ma sìn ọ́ I will worship you… Continue reading →


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